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Book Series (series editor / general editor)

IIAS Year Books (1993-1995)
IIAS Working Paper Series (1994-1996)
IIAS Lecture Series (1993-1998)
IIAS / Kegan Paul (1996- 1999)
IIAS / ISEAS on Asia (2002-2010)
IIAS Publications Series (2007 - )
ICAS Publication Series (2006 - )

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General Editor:
Paul van der Velde
Editorial Board:
Wim Boot, Jennifer holdaway, Anthony Reed, Anand A. Yang and Guobin Yang.
Euis Nurlealawati, Tradition and Idenity. The Kompilasi Hukum Islam and Legal Practice in the Indonesian Religious Courts (forthcoming 2010).
Diah Ariani Arimbi, Reading Contemporary Indonesian Muslim Women Writers. Representation, Identity and Religion of Muslim Women in Indonesia, 2009.
Marleen Dieleman, The Rythm of Strategy. A Corporate Biography of the Salim Group of Indonesia, 2007.
Sam Wong, 'Unseen'Social Capital in Community Participation. Everyday Lives of Poor Mainland Chinese Migrants in Hong Kong, 2007.
Edited Volumes:
Dipika Mukherjee and Maya David, Malaysian linguistics (forthcoming 2010)
Philip Hirsch and Nicholas Tapp, Fragmentation and Dissonance – Thailand and the Work of Andrew Turton, forthcoming 2010.
M. Parvizi Amineh, State, Society and International Relations in Asia (forthcoming 2010)
Philip F. Williams, From Marginal to Mainstream. Asian Literary Voices (forthcoming 2010)
Marianne Hulsbosch, Elisabeth Bedford and Martha Chaiklin (eds.), Asian Material Culture, 2009.
Hans Hagerdal (ed.), Responding to the West. Essays on Colonial Domination and Asian Agency, 2009.
Derek Heng and Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied (eds.), Reframing Singapore. Memory – Identity – Trans-Regionalsm, 2009.
Friederieke Assandri and Dora Martins (eds.), From early Tang Court Debates to China's Peaceful Rise, 2009.
Erich Kolig, Sam Wong and Viviene Angeles (eds.), Identity in Crossroad Civilisations. Ethnicity, Nationalsim and Globalism in Asia, 2009.
Khun Eng Kuah-Pearce and Gilles Guiheux (eds.), Social Movements in China and Hong Kong. The Expansion of Protest Space, 2009.
Huhua Cao (ed.), Ethnic Minorities and Regional Development in Asia. Reality and Challenges, 2009.
Khun Eng Kuah-Pearce (ed.), Chinese Women and the Cyberspace, 2008.
Milan J. Titus and Paul P.M. Burgers (eds.), Rural Livelihoods, Resources and Coping with Crisis in Indonesia, 2008.
Sebastian Bersick, Wim Stokhof and Paul van der Velde (eds.), Multiregionalism and Multilateralis. Asian-European Relations in a Global Context, 2006.
General Editor:
Paul van der Velde
Editorial Board:
Wim Boot, Prasenjit Duara, Carol Gluck, Chritophe Jaffrelot, Victor T. King, Yuri sadoi, A.B. Shamsul and Henk Schulte Nordholt.
Rituparna Roy, The Theme of Partition in Selected English Novels of the Sub-continent (forthcoming 2010)
Olena Mykal, The EU-Japan Security Dialogue. Invisible but Comprehensive (forthcoming 2010)
Chaiyakorn Kiatpongsan, The EU-Thailand Relations. Tracing the Patterns of New Bilateralism (forthcoming 2010)
Jeroen de Kloet, China with a Cut. Globalisation, Urvban Youth and Popular Music (forthcoming 2010)
Masao Kato, Women’s right? The Politics of Eugenic Abortion in Modern Japan, 2009.
Alex McKay, Their Footprints Remain. Biomedical Beginnings Across the Indo-Tibetan Frontier, 2007.
Edited Volumes:
Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner, Framework of Choice. Predictive and Genetic Testing in Asia (forthcoming 2010, Faulkner).
Birgit Abels (ed.), Austronesian Soundscapes. Performing Arts in Oceania and Southeast Asia (forthcoming 2010)
Wen-Shan Yang and Melody Lu (eds.), Asian Cross-border Marriage Migration. Demographic Patterns and Social Issues (forthcoming 2010)
Gijsbert Oonk (ed.), Global Indian Diasporas. Exploring Trajectories of Migration and Theory, 2007.
Wim Stokhof and Paul van der Velde
Ellen Bal, They ask if we eat frogs. Garo ethnicity in Bangladesh, 2007.
Edited volumes:
Azra Azyumardi, Kees van Dijk and Nico J.G. Kaptein (eds.) Varieties of Religious Authority: Changes and Challenges in 20th Century Indonesian Islam (forthcoming 2010)
Coen J.G. Holtzappel and Martin Ramstedt (eds.), Decentralization and Regional Autonomy in Indonesia: Implementation and Challenges , 2009.
Srilata Ravi, Mario Rutten and Bang-Lan Goh (eds.), Asia in Europe, Europe in Asia, 2004.
Wim Stokhof, Paul van der Velde, Yeo Lay Hwee (eds.), The Eurasian Space: Far More Than Two Continents, 2004.
Benjamin, Geoffrey and Cynthia Chou (eds.), Tribal Communities in the Malay World. Historical, Cultural and Social Perspectives. (2002; First reprint in soft cover 2003)
General Editor:
Paul van der Velde
Editorial Board:
Prof. Erik Zurcher, Prof. Wang Gungwu, Prof. Om Prakash, Prof. Dru Gladney, Prof. Amiya K. Bagchi, Prof. James C. Scott
Leo Douw, Cen Huang, Michael R. Godley (eds.), Qiaoxiang Ties: Interdisciplinary Approaches to ‘Cultural Capitalism’ in South China, 1999.
Karel R. van Kooij (ed.), ABIA South and Southeast Asian Art and Archaeology Index, 1999.
Kurt W. Radtke, Joop A. Stam, John Groenewegen, Leo M. van der Mey, Takuo Akiyama (eds.), Dynamics in Pacific Asia. Conflict, Competition and Cooperation , 1998.
Paul van der Velde and Alex McKay (eds.), New Developments in Asian Studies: An Introduction, 1998.
P.J. Moree, A Concise History of Dutch Mauritius, 1598-1710, 1998.
Wim Stokhof and Paul van der Velde (eds.), ASEM: The Asia-Europe Meeting: A Window of Opportunity, 1998.
Dick van der Meij (ed.), India and Beyond. Aspects of Literature, Meaning, Ritual and Thought. Essays in Honour of Frits Staal,1997.
Paul W. Lewis and Bai Bibo, Hani-English, English-Hani Dictonary, 1996.
Paul van der Velde
G. J. Weijers, Economic Developments in Asia, 1998.
Jan Pronk, Asia and Dutch Development Co-operation: Some comments from a student of Asian Development, 1997.
Goh Chok Tong, Wim Stokhof, Thommy Svensson, François Godemont, Shintaor Ishihara, Cultural Rapproachement between Asia and Eurpe: Five Essays on the Asia-Europe Relationship, 1997.
Hans van Mierlo, Europe and Asia: Towards a New Partnership, 1996.
Wang Gungwu, The Revival of Chinese Nationalism, 1996.
Om Prakash, Asia and the Pre-modern Economy, 1995.
Pieter Kooijmans, Human Rights in an interdependent world, 1995.
Denys Lombard, De la vertu des aires culturelles et de celle des aires culturelles asiatiques en particulier, 1994.
Frits Staal, Concepts of Science in Europe and Asia, 1993.
Paul van der Velde
Clara Brakel (ed), Performing Arts of Asia: The Performer as (Inter)Cultural Transmitter, 1996.
Alexander J. Voogt (ed), New Approaches to Board Games Research: Asian Origins and Future Perspectives, 1996.
Sandra Evers and Marc Spindler(eds.), Cultures of Madagascar: Ebb and Flow of Influences / Civilisations de Madagascar: Flux et Reflux des Influences, 1995.
Dong Lisheng (ed), Administrative Reform in the People’s Republic of China since 1978, 1994.
Paul van der Velde
IIAS Year Book 1995
IIAS Year Book 1994